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Perfect business gifts

Branded Business Gifts inject a bit of fun and quirkiness into company promotion 

If you are stuck for reasons as to why business gifts are necessary, let us help you. As well as the more standard pragmatic uses such as stationery for the office and mugs for the kitchen, you could use items for promotional purposes at trade shows and conferences; as gifts for employees; as freebies to give with orders; as well as any other ideas you may have. With such variation in what is available, the options are plentiful.Branded gifts allow you to do things your competition won’t – they enable you to think outside of the box. And with items such as branded soft mini footballs, pen pot clocks and sweet jars available on this website, you have all the inspiration you need – check out our ‘Toys & Games’ and ‘Novelty’ sections for some wacky ideas.

Printing is included in the prices you see on this website, and free delivery comes as standard with all orders. What’s more, you can have peace of mind when ordering that we won’t begin production of your items before you have confirmed our artwork as a prototype is for what you have requested. Company gifts are a great way to increase exposure – particularly through items that people need to use on a daily basis such as pens, paper and mugs. It can be somewhat subtle with such items as these, or perhaps more obvious with items such as banners and folders. Whichever route you go down, what is for certain is that the more company exposure, the better (within reason, of course).

You are bound to be impressed by the large selection of company gifts available, from the more traditional and standard items to things that are a little bit different.We are committed to supplying high-quality Branded Business Gifts to our customers, at the same time ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.Our online ordering service allows us to reduce the costs for you, meaning your return on investment in terms of what you will gain from your branded gifts through advertising and exposure will be as high as possible.

Whilst our online ordering service is designed with maximum ease of use for our customers in mind, if you would rather order by telephone, or if you simply wish to make an enquiry or find out more information, our dedicated customer service team are available for you to contact – details can be found at the top of the page.If you wish to portray a professional image and create a long-lasting impression for your company, then Branded Business Gifts are the way forward – flawlessly personalised with your company name, logo, or business message. Browse our impressive collection today and see what takes your fancy!

Promotional items and company gifts

What does increasing your business exposure and creating customer and client goodwill have in common? Well, if you excuse the awful opening; both can be easily achieved with business gifts. So what exactly do you mean by business gifts? Business gifts are the freebies you receive from a business which are usually branded within an inch of their lives. I defy anyone to search their desk at work and not find a business gift. They come in varying guises, two of the most common being pens and mugs. Well guess what? We produce and sell high quality business gifts, and we do it really really well.

The key to our success is the price and corresponding quality of our business gifts. That’s not to say high price; low quality. Oh no. Completely the opposite actually. We sell products that will last, and you can choose from our huge range, at a fantastic price. And what’s more, we will brand them with the name, logo or message your business wishes to convey, and we do so ensuring a faultless finish on each and every product you order.

Multi-purpose company gifts

There are a wide range of uses for which branded company gifts are ideal. You can show your best customers just how much they are valued with a freebie thrown in with their latest order. You can give out bags full of company gifts customised with your business’ details away at trade shows, conferences and fairs. Alternatively, companies you are in partnership with or your clients can be given company gifts as a small gesture of your appreciation of the excellent working relationship which has been established.

By putting in just a little bit of extra thought you can use business gifts to help your customers feel really special. Go on, go the extra yard… why not find out when their birthday is so you can send them a special something in the post. You can guarantee your competition won’t!

Choosing the right promotional product or business gift is an extremely important part of your businesses marketing strategy. Maybe you're looking to inject a bit of fun into your promotional activity or perhaps show how much you value a customer or employee by presenting them with something more personal? Whatever your objective, we at Branded Business Gifts have something to suit all budgets. Our range is full of interesting promotional ideas and products to help get you maximum and lasting exposure for your business.

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