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Novelty Gifts

Give your business more of a personal touch with our range of fun, branded novelty gifts. Show potential customers that you are the kind of company that they will want to get involved with by using our branded yoyos, stress ducks, novelty bottle openers and piggy banks. !!Our Branded Novelty Gifts will Show your Clients your Fun Side!! Business doesn’t always have to be so serious. In fact, a little fun can go a long way and can make your company seem more likeable and personal. So why not show your business’ fun side with our branded novelty gifts. Our branded yoyos which come in a range of styles; from the classic wooded yoyo to our bright and colourful promo yoyos, will appeal to the inner child of your more light hearted customers. Meanwhile our branded drinks stirrers and branded novelty bottle openers will show your client-base that you know how to relax and unwind as well as how to work hard. !!Give your Company a Family-Friendly Image with our Branded Novelty Gifts!! Our branded novelty items also make brilliant gifts for children. Give your company family-friendly appeal with our fiendish branded puzzles, cute branded character pen pots and cuddly branded soft toys.These branded novelty items are sure to entertain your employees as well and make excellent stocking fillers and birthday presents. Our branded sphere mood light could even help you keep track of your employee’s mood throughout the working day!

Our website has a huge array of kooky and fun branded novelty gifts. Take a look for yourself on our website today or call our friendly helpline now on 0845 850 9831 with any enquiries you might have.