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Promotional Highlighters

Make sure that your name stands out from the crowd with our bright promotional highlighters! Our branded highlighters are designed to make a powerful impact and are bound to get your company noticed. All of our promotional highlighters are totally customisable and will ensure that your name and brand get recognised. !!Fun and Eye-catching Promotional Highlighters!! If the eye-popping, hi-vis colours of our branded highlighters don’t grab the attention of your market, then our innovative, unique shapes and styles certainly will. Our egg-shaped promotional highlighter is a cute, pocket-sized product, and our quirky injection highlighter will allow you to show your company’s fun side!The sheer range of our branded highlighter collection means that you are sure to find the perfect promotional highlighter to suit your needs. If just one highlighter is not enough, we provide multi-colour promotional highlighters like our unusual ‘drop’ highlighter and our handy hand-shaped highlighters! If you are looking for a sleeker, more professional promotional highlighter we also stock beautiful combination ball pens and highlighters. Such useful products will get used again and again, keeping your company name and message right at the fingertips of your market. !!Useful, Everyday Items with a Twist are Great Ways to Promote Your Business!! Our promotional erasable textmarker is a fantastic product. They are double-headed promotional highlighters which are also able to erase any highlighter mistakes. Show your market that you are a business with an eye for unique, helpful products by giving them something they have never seen before and will really value! With your branding on our erasable textmarkers your company will instantly be associated with innovation and forward thinking, characteristics which are certain to attract new business.

It is so easy to get your brand, name or logo on our promotional highlighters, buy online today through our simple-to-use website, or call our helpful team on 0845 850 9831 now!